Month: April 2021

"Play Slots Now Online at Internet Casino Sites!"

Play Slots Now Online at Internet Casino Sites!

Playing slot games in the old days was an experience. The bulky machines sat in rows upon rows in enormous halls, with blinking lights and chattering sounds trying to draw attention. Coins cascaded into metal buckets, making enough of a racket that everyone within earshot knew who was raking in the big bucks. Many real world casinos still offer such slot game setups, but times are rapidly changing, including the way a casino game player can experience a slot game. For starters, the large metal buckets have been done away with in many cases, replaced by electronic cards. But that is only the beginning. Read More “Play Slots Now Online at Internet Casino Sites!”

"Diamond Dozen Slot Basics for Online Casino Players"

Diamond Dozen Slot Basics for Online Casino Players

Diamond Dozen is an online video slot produced by Realtime Gaming. While the name might sound like some sort of criminal gang, the theme of this slot game has to do with, money, power, beautiful woman and of course diamonds. The backdrop to this slot is cityscape at night with sail boats floating past the twinkling buildings. The city represents the place where dreams are made and where beautiful woman wear expensive diamonds and live a life of luxury. The graphics in this game are top quality with entertaining sound effects and an amusing background track that all works together to create a slot game that is as entraining as it is rewarding. Read More “Diamond Dozen Slot Basics for Online Casino Players”