Features of Hot Shot Slot at a Glance

Features of Hot Shot Slot at a Glance

Hot Shot is a sports themed online slots game produced by Microgaming. Once again, the leaders in online casino software have come out with a solid 5-reel online slot game that will attract all casino slots fans interested in sports, or anyone looking for a decent well-made slot. The theme of the game is baseball and features everything relating to baseball and being at a crowd packed stadium for the big game. The game itself features high quality animation and sound effects that only serve to enhance the players gaming experience.

Baseball Themed Classic Slot

The slot machine behind the Hot Shot game is based on the classic 5-reel, 9 payline Microgaming slot. On the reels you will find a host of symbols relating to the world of international baseball and being at a game. Some of the symbols players will come across are images of popcorn, hotdogs, some candy, coffee, a baseball cap, fries and ketchup, a strike symbol, a homerun symbol, a pitcher, a batter and a wild ball symbol.

Homerun High Paying Symbols

The highest paying symbol in Hot Shot is the homerun symbol. Finding 3 of these symbols across the reels will pay out 50 coins, while 4 symbols will pay out 500 coins and finding all five homerun symbols across the reels will pay out the maximum 1000 coins on a standard bet. The second highest paying symbol is the strike symbol paying out 900 coins for all five symbols.

An Entertain Sport Slot

Microgaming’s Hot Shot online slot does not have a lot of bonus features. Seasoned players will be disappointed that there are no free spins or bonus rounds in this game. The replicating wild symbols are a nice touch and could potentially keep players coming back. This being said, it is probably a good slot game for those just starting out with online slots and are looking for something with a basic setup and easy to understand rules. The graphics and sound effects make it an entertaining experience for anyone who is a baseball fan.

Wild Ball Replicating Wilds

The wild ball symbol in Microgaming’s Hot Shot plays the role of the wild symbol. As with most other Microgaming slot games, the wild symbol can be used to substitute for any other standard symbol to complete a winning payline. In this game the wild symbol cannot be used to substitute for the trophy scatter symbol though. As you may have suspected, this is no ordinary wild symbol. In the game the wild symbol will take the form of other adjacent symbols to create more winning paylines and a greater chance of winning.

Trophy Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in Hot Shot slot game is the trophy symbol at https://onlineslotsca.net/cad. In this casino game, the scatter symbol does not link to any bonus rounds or free spins. The scatter wins in this game are added to standard payline wins. The scatter symbol wins are also multiplied by the number of credits staked. That means that the more coins players use, the higher the multiplied scatter wins will be.