Football Betting Systems That Actually Work

Football Betting Systems That Actually Work

Punters with a passion for football betting usually rely on a combination of their own research, gut instincts, and one or two betting systems, as the foundation for making sports betting decisions.

A football system can often mean the difference between a winning and a losing bet – even among pro-bettors long in the game of betting on footy. Since things don’t always go as planned, it’s usually a good idea to take on a combined approach – lending a little from here, and some more from there, as we try and get as close as possible to that value sweet spot.

Football bettors typically favour two betting systems, namely the matched betting system, and the Kelly Criterion. For the purpose of our article, we will focus on the matched betting system.

The Matched Betting System

The matched betting system is by far the most popular football betting system of them all, and for good reason too.

This is the only footy betting system that, barring human error and absolute flukes, is practically risk-free, and will over an extended period of time deliver the desired results over and over again. Also referred to as bonus betting and no-risk betting, the matched betting system works from the premise of making the most out of free bets and other promotions and incentives offered by bookies.

Contrary to popular belief, free bets are not in short supply. Modern-day bookmaking is a highly competitive industry, and australian betting sites are eager to attract and hold on to new customers. Offering something for free is just about the best way of going about the business of growing any customer base.

Getting A Grip On The Basics

In order to make the most of the matched betting system, the bettor should first become acquainted with two types of bets, and the difference between them: lay bets and back bets.

A back bet is probably the most common type of bet wagered in football, and basically comes down to picking a winning team. The lay bet, on the other hand, is a bet that says, this is the team that won’t be winning the game this time round.

Matched betting works by using one type of bet to cancel out the effects of another. By making use of a bookie’s free bet, the punter will back and lay against the very same result. Owing to one of the two bets being free, this results in a situation of all bases being covered no matter what the actual outcome.

A Practical Example

Bookie A, being our imaginable sportsbook for the purpose of our example, promises to new bettors a sign-up bonus of $25 when an amount of $25 is deposited.

After we’ve made our deposit, we’ll now proceed to place our bets – one back bet and one lay bet, both on the same event, same two teams playing, etc. Since the match betting system is essentially a system of cancellation, this bit is crucially important.

Whatever our prediction regarding who wins and who loses, thanks to the “free money” from the bookie, we’ll still end up in the money.