Haunted House Slot Basics and Guide

Haunted House Slot Basics and Guide Online

Haunted Houses and the stories of paranormal activities that are usually associated with them are like a spark to flint for anyone with a lively imagination.  Not only are we captivated by stories of haunted houses in history, but our fascination with modern day stories of haunted buildings also know no bounds.

Famous modern day haunted buildings include Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Salem’s Joshua Ward House, The LaLaurie House in France and the Franklin Castle in Ohio.  Regions all over the globe seem to have at least one or more haunted house.

If you love a fright every once in a while, you’re bound to enjoy Playtech’s online video slot game, Haunted House.  The game can be played merely for fun and for free, or for real money like poker.  When playing for free, it will not be necessary to complete any player registration details, or even to download the game’s software, as free mode is accessed via a Flash player.

Haunted House features 3 reels and 5 paylines, and despite its well developed scary theme, the slot game is simple and reminiscent of classic retro slot games.  The game does not include any wild, bonus or scatter symbols, but rather focuses on position based winnings.

Game Interface

Despite the slight deviation from the usual form of conventional slot games, what with the absence of a wild and scatter symbol, the game interface contains all the usual functions.  It’s easy to toggle the bet amount, and payment information is displayed clearly on the paytable.

The game can be played in manual or in autoplay mode.  During autoplay mode, the number of spins to be automatically spun is pre-determined beforehand, by the player.

Multi-Coin Slot

Like choosing values in various slots at https://onlineslotsca.com/Apple-watch/, coins values may be selected from a drop-down list, and includes 5, 2, 1, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10 and 0.05 coin values.  The five paylines are not fixed, meaning that a bet may be placed on anything from 1 payline up to all 5 paylines.  It is recommended that the game be played at maximum bet value, as this is the only way to win the game’s Jackpot payout.

Haunted House Slot Symbols

Symbols Ready to Frighten up a Win

Symbols include all things eerie and spooky – a selection of vampire slaying tools: an old coffin, creepy looking candles, a golden chalice, a knife, garlic and of course, a cross.  The six themed symbols offer a 12 possible payout combinations.  This is a very different approach when compared to conventional slot games.

Symbols all over different payouts, depending on the total number of matching symbols appearing on a payline, as well as the combination of symbols.  2 garlic symbols are worth 25 credits and 3 candles are worth 50 credits.  3 golden chalice symbols will add 75 credits to the player’s kitty, whilst 3 knife symbols are worth a slightly more lucrative 100 credits.  The garlic symbols become very covetable when landed in groups of 3 or more.  Up to 1 800 credits are up for grabs.  The garlic symbol is the Jackpot symbol.