A Detailed Look at Super 7 Blackjack Online

A Detailed Look at Super 7 Blackjack Online

Blackjack has been around for more than three centuries, and in that time, has seen countless players enjoy the classic version of the game, and countless versions and variations arise.

A fairly recent version that has captivated players around the world is Super 7 Blackjack, a game based on Vegas Strip rules. The two main attractions of this version of the venerable card-comparing game is that it gives players the prospects of placing optional side bets, and of playing as many as three hands at the same time.

A number of other rules and conditions of gameplay add to the allure of the game, even as it still retains the two basic player goals of beating the dealer’s hand, and building a hand of cards whose value comes as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it.

Basic Super 7 Blackjack Rules

The number of standard playing card decks used in online versions of Super 7 Blackjack varies; some versions use four decks, while others use six decks.

Players of internet gambling may double down, which is to double their initial bets and receive an extra card, on any of their hands, even after splits. However, players may not re-split hands, which would be to split a hand that was made by splitting a previous hand, and they may not hit split aces.

Side Bets on Sevens

Online Super 7 Blackjack gets its name from a side bet players have the option of placing before being dealt their first hand. It is possible that players could lose the side bet, but win the game, or win the side bet, but lose the game.

The side bet is basically a wager that the player’s hand will contain one, more, or a combination of sevens. The betting options available in this side game include the first card being a seven, the first two cards being sevens of different suits, the first two cards being sevens of the same suit, the first three cards being sevens of different suits, and the first three cards being sevens of the same suit.

Playing Super 7 Blackjack Online

Once players have launched a Super 7 online Blackjack game, they select a chip value from the available options, and then use the betting circle on screen to place their opening bet. If players want to place the side bet, they would then select the Super 7 betting circle.

Having placed their bets, players would then select the Deal button. They then receive two cards, as does the dealer, which is played by the game software. Both cards dealt to players are dealt face up. The dealer receives one card face up, and one face down.

The Super 7 Blackjack cards having been dealt, players then need to decide what move to make. If they think one more card will do the trick to getting their hand to 21, and giving them a hand to beat the dealer’s, they Hit, and receive another card.

If players are happy with both the hand they’ve been dealt and the opening bet they placed, they Stand, and do not receive more cards. If players are happy with the cards they hold, but want to double their initial bet, they Double Down. Players may also Split their cards into two hands.

When players have made their move, their hands will be compared with the dealer’s, and the winner will be announced. In this game, aces count as one or 11 points, court cards as 10 points, and cards two to nine as their face value.