Carnival Royale Slot Review Online for Players

Carnival Royale Slot Review Online for Players

The Carnival Royale slot game, created by Genesis Studios, is a journey into years gone by. Carnivals and circuses are not as popular as they once were, which is a bit of a shame, and the Carnival Royale slot game aims to shuttle you back to the early days of carnivals. The days when strong men were still expected to have elaborate moustaches. The graphics in the game are generally well done, presented in high resolution and bursting with intricate detail. There is not much in the way of animation, which is all but expected in a modern online endeavour, but the Carnival Royale slot game offers so much in the way of colourful graphics the average player will hardly notice.

In the game play department the Carnival Royale slot game uses a 5 reel All Pays system, which provides a staggering 243 betting lines. This certainly sounds like a lot, and it is, but the catch is that players are unable to manually adjust the betting lines. Some wont mind, but others may be disappointed by the lack of interactivity and strategic options. The game simply requires the player to spin the reels and hope for the best. The bonus mini-games, however, provide much in the way of entertainment value, and this is where the Carnival Royale slot game really shines.

Symbols and Visual Design

The Carnival Royale slot game has already been said to have excellent graphics, but it must be mentioned again that a great deal of effort has gone into giving the game an outstanding visual presentation. The play area is dripping with detail in every regard, including an immaculate gold pattern that flanks the reels on either side, like a pair of giant wings. Few games can claim to have a more intricate visual design than Carnival Royale.

On the reels the strong man seems to be the centre of attention, standing with arms crossed and biceps bulging. He, the ringmaster, and a lady trapeze artist have equal value, all three being the most valuable symbols in the game. Another lady, perhaps part of the audience, is a fourth and far less valuable picture symbol. The least valuable symbols are the traditional playing card numbers, 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace.

Carnival Bonuses

The first bonus symbol in the Carnival Royale slot game is the balloon pop symbol. If it is matched three times a mini-game will be triggered. A window will open, showing the inside of a carnival game. The player must pop balloons by clicking, or tapping them. Cash payouts are hidden beneath each balloon.

The second bonus game comes in the form of free spins and if you want to know more about free spins bonus, visit here. Upon the player matching the bonus symbol, a choice will be given of three mini-games. Each has a different combination of free spins and multipliers, with the choice being entirely up to the player. Read the three choices in detail, as once you’ve made a decision there is no turning back. All three games are, however, more or less guaranteed to give huge payouts.