Live Betting Guide for NZ Online Punters

Live Betting Guide for NZ Online Punters

Live betting refers to the option to bet on games that are already in progress. This is a new and unique fashion in which to make sports bets in New Zealand, since up until just recently betting was only allowed strictly up until such point as the match or race began. Live betting has recently become possible due to innovations in internet technology, which allow bet makers to watch sports via live internet streams.

Betting options are offered during a sport via prompts on the feed. At any time the bet maker may accept a bet as it is displayed, and can place a bet simply by choosing to do so. Placing the bet is done in much the same way as regular online betting, and will take only a few seconds of time. Live betting is seen as a much more exciting and entertaining way to make sports bets, since the action is updated on a moment to moment basis. Keep in mind, however, that in order to take part in live betting certain technological requirements must be met.

Live Betting Requirements

In order for live betting to work in New Zealand the internet feed to the bet maker must be stable and reliable. Problems can arise with internet connections fluctuation, which can delay or stutter the feed. In this case the online bookmaker cannot be held responsible for confusion that occurs on the side of the bet maker. Since the online betting NZ odds are updated throughout the game or race, a stutter or delay in the feed may give the bet maker information that appears inaccurate.

For example, if the bet makers are seeing a live feed and decide to place a bet, but that feed is not up to date, the odds may well have changed in the brief delay window. Hence, a bet maker will feel as if they are placing a bet at different odds than the ones they are seeing. Again, the bookmaker cannot be held responsible for errors that occur due to delays in connectivity. It is important that the bet maker test their internet capabilities before placing any bets or committing money.

Live Betting Feed Tips

If problems are experienced with a live betting video feed, note that steps can be taken to improve stability. First, if a feed is active, bandwidth can be saved by closing all other open web windows. Bandwidth is divided between open windows as is required, and closing unused windows will free up bandwidth. Having only the live betting feed video open when wanting to place bets is the best approach if delays are being experienced.

The quality of the video feed can also be lowered to avoid delays and other connectivity issues. Watching spots at HD quality, 1080p, is great, but dropping this to 720p, or even 480p, will drastically improve the stability of a live betting feed. A live 1080p feed requires very fast and stable internet speeds, and can commonly cause delays and other problems. If you try all of the above tips and still have unacceptable delays in your live betting feed, it is best to get a faster internet connection before taking part in such betting.