Playing Online Baccarat

A Quick Look at the Irrational Myths in Playing Baccarat

Becoming a successful baccarat player includes understanding the rules, following some strategies, playing by book and learning the terminologies. This is not it, and there’s more to it. It also includes understanding the myths and facts related to baccarat.

If you start accepting these myths blindly, they can cloud your judgment regarding the game easily. Remember myths are just false beliefs without any logical explanation to support them, so never get fooled. There are some common misconceptions that still persist in gambling world, which can confuse you.

If you desire to give baccarat game a try, then proceed with the facts rather than irrational propagated myths

  • Card Counting

Myth – Card counting is a strategy used to beat the casino in blackjack. Casino prohibits this practice, which indicates that it truly works. Therefore, several players believe they can apply card counting technique in baccarat. This thought persists because both the games share some theoretical similarities.

Truth – The fact is that cards cannot be counted in baccarat. Cards used are not placed back in the shoe. This is the essential difference that invalidates card counting strategy.

  • Detecting Patterns

Myth – The player detects, when natural hand (two card totals of 8 or 9) will occur. This allows them to increase their bet and win.

Truth – Baccarat is a chance or random game, where practically no skill is required. Impulsive gamblers detect illusionary patterns and willingly bet a lot of money on misleading uncertainty.

  • Online Baccarat is Fixed

Myth – People consider that online baccarat is manipulated, so it does not produce natural hands. This belief exists because cards are not touchable and even the shuffling is invisible. Basically, baccarat is not the only game that gives skeptic players a feeling of online games being rigged.

Truth – There are millions of online baccarat players, who had natural hands during their sessions. In addition to this, casino games on the internet are controlled, regulated, and reviewed strictly, especially the reputable online casinos, for instance, see this site.

  • Progressive Betting System

Myth – Martingale and Fibonacci are widely used betting systems. They help players to make the most out of the bets they play, and earn profits.

Truth – Baccarat is a random game and does not abide to any probability law. Using this system in baccarat can be very risky. To use this system you need to bet on table with no gambling limits. You will need a huge bankroll to survive the exponential increase of doubling bet. When the player finds out that a $10 bet has turned into $1000, it is very late.

Internet Casino Baccarat

  • Winning is Hard

Myth – Casino players, who don’t understand this game spread rumors that baccarat is the least profitable game. It is even believed that baccarat is played by elite or high roller players.

Truth – If you are intimidated by players wearing tuxedo, then start playing online because it is the easiest game. It is a game with lowest house edges, banker bet involves 1.6%, and player bet is 1.24%. The percentage is lower than slots or roulettes, so it is easy to decide, where to earn the most profit.