An Exclusive Guide to Playing Craps

An Exclusive Guide to Playing Craps

Whether you’ve decided to test your skill and luck in the casino for the sheer fun of it or perhaps more serious reasons, a game of craps can guarantee you the dynamic fun and excitement, along with the chance to win a nice sum of money. However, in order to be truly successful and not just throw your bets away, there are a couple important guidelines to consider regarding the rules and methods of playing this popular dice game.

Firstly, you’ll need chips since you can’t play without them. So how do you buy them? You do not give the money directly to the dealer at any point, instead you should place your cash on the table and say “Change”, only then will the dealer take your money and he will hand it over to the boxman to have it counted. After your money has been counted, the dealer will be told by the boxman how many chips you bought and they will be placed on the table in front of you.

So, follow this method and do not try to hand the money directly into dealer’s hands since they are not allowed to take it like that. Once you’ve got your chips, you will find a groove on the table where you can place them along the railing. In the case that you need more chips, all you need to do is to repeat the process and call out for “Change” again.

Now, in order to be decently familiarized with the game, it is important to know who is who at the table. Usually there will be at least a team of five to six people around the table, and it will be made out of two dealers, stickman and a boxman. The role of the boxman is to sit across from everyone and supervise the game and he is also in charge in case of any potential disputes. He governs the cash at the table while the dealers are situated on one of his sides. Their role is to pay out the bets that won and collect the chips on the bets that lost. In addition, they also make change when a player is in need of more chips. The role of the stickman is similar to that of the announcer due to the fact that he is in charge of announcing every single dice roll and letting everyone know about the different bet options that are available. He is the one with an important role since he sets the pace of the game at the table.

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Finally, you place bets by setting your wager on one of the labeled sections of the table, these include: field bets, pass-line bets (called with same name at, come-line bets, don’t pass bets, big-6 bets and big-8 bets. The outcome of the bets is determined by rolling the dices and in the case that one of the dices goes off the table, the roll is considered invalid and the dices are replaced. These are the basic things that serve a purpose of familiarizing new players with a game of Craps.